Just a heads up the SG-5B microphone sucks


Seriously I went through two trying to get a budget shotgun mic and both were trash with tons of noise and they needed high levels of gain to get decent volume as well. I figured with Marantz being at least a somewhat known company I was getting a budget but usable mic not total garbage. https://youtu.be/KujnwxFFPTg if anyone wants to hear the damn thing.


I found a really cool channel last year, and watched almost all videos on Booth Junkie. He’s a voice actor, and does a bunch of mic reviews in full depth/comparison reviews.


Good stuff, I’ve seen some of his and a few others out there(including one where the SG-5B wasn’t terrible) but being 0 for 2 on a pro mic I was just a tad irritated recording that yesterday XD


Good call :slight_smile: Booth Junkie is a handy channel for anyone working on YouTube.


I have a couple of MXL short shotgun mics and they’re pretty good.

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