Issues on exported file

recently I have edited a vertical video and exported it by using YouTube preset after changing the dimensions of the preset to 9:16 and 720X1280. but on the result file video content is cropped to lower resolution and the existing space got filled with black(according to the properties of the file it at 720X1280)
Screenshot 2022-05-16 171526

What is your Video Mode set to? (Click on Output, then Properties)
Did you change anything in Export - Advanced? If so, what did you change?

If your source is 720x1280, then you’ll need to make a custom Video Mode.
Make sure the custom video mode FPS matches the FPS of your source video.

Yes, FPS and everything matches source video, But still the problem is there.

My best guess is you changed something in Export → Advanced.
Not enough information was provided.

Ok, did I need to do something else to bring it back to original?

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