Issues loading mp4

I use Nvidia Experience to record gameplay, and it creates files automatically while I play. Sometimes I get 3 o 4 files, where it won’t create a file over 4 gb. When this happens, Shotcut has trouble loading the 2nd or 3rd file. It handles the first one and last one just fine regardless of size/time. They are usually 36-40 mins long and right at 3.8 gb.

When I load the middle files into shotcut (source, not playtlist) there is no time bar, no way to scrub through the time and the time counter that is below and left of the video preview won’t let me edit it. It will say 00:01:00 / LIVE.

When I load it into playlist, it will only show 16-20 minutes of it, based on my opengl or dx settings. If I try to scrub through the preview, it crashes.

I really like using Shotcut so I hope someone can help me resolve this.

My guess is your PC is running out of memory trying to import [and decode] massive files like those…

I doubt that’s the problem. I can do the first 4gb file on its own fine. I can even add more files to that. I can’t however get the 2nd file (or 3rd if there are 4 parts) to load anything past 20 minutes, even by itself. If it were a pc issue, then I would have the save trouble with any 40 minute file that’s 4gb in size but I don’t. If I use OBS to record, I get larger files than 4gb and my pc loads them in shotcut perfectly fine too. I suspect It’ has something to do with the way Nvidia encodes its files and the way shotcut reads those files.

Try transcoding the files first or if you really think it’s a ‘bug’ in Shotcut’s code, try DaVinci Resolve.

Most screen and game capture software creates variable framerate video, which most editors do not support. You need to convert it to something else at constant frame rate. Some day soon I hope to include that feature directly in Shotcut.

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i’m also using nvdia experience to capture video…for the most part, shotcut has handled the mp4s generated up to three hours long without too much difficulty, (64 gig of ram)…what, i’m asking is if you have a suggestion for a constant frame rate conversion, and can this conversion be made on the fly, as it were?