Issue with "Use WebVfx JavaScript extension" checkbox

I’ve been experimenting with Overlay HTMLs. Really simple stuff, like one or two on a timeline etc.

An easily reproducible situation I have is when the project has been created, and then saved, and then reloaded, interestingly the “Use WebVfx JavaScript extension” box is checked. Moreover it’s not possible to uncheck it. And unfortunately, when I attempt to play the project, Shotcut hangs at the start of that object. (If you have 2 objects, one disabled and one enabled, it hangs when about to start the enabled one i.e. there’s no issue with the disabled one.) At this point it’s a Force Quit.

The workaround I’ve found is to go in to the .mlt file and put “plain:” in front of the html filename as shown below.


When I then reload the .mlt file in Shotcut, it no longer has the UWJe box checked. And there’s no hanging either.

I imagine it’s supposed to work a little differently from this…

I’m on a MPB OSX 10.9.5 running Shotcut 16.06.08.

I’m not sure whether this is related, or a separate bug. However…

I’m at the point where I have put together the tracks for a simple video that includes a couple of Overlay HTML pages. By default, my system is setup in 1080p mode i.e. for 1910 x 1080 resolution. Now I want to export the results of my work. For various reasons, I am using FLV with acc at 128kbps.

When I export to a resolution of 480 x 272 (i.e. a quarter size), interestingly while the rest of the video scales correctly, my pair of Overlay HTML pages do not. What gets displayed can best be described as the top left hand “quadrant” of the unscaled Overlay HTML page i.e. it’s as if the Overlay HTML has not been scaled. This is (obviously) not correct, I would expect the whole page to be displayed.

When I export to a resolution of 1910 x 1080 (i.e. regular size), there is effectively no scaling, and my pair of Overlay HTML pages display as expected.

I have not been able to find a workaround at this time.

UPDATE The Overlay HTML pages contain a px:60 to control the size of the text being displayed. When I changed this to px:15, the page text looks tiny in 1910x1080 however shows up at the appropriate size (for the wrong reasons as per above) when exported at 480x272.

In the HTML filter, did you use New… or Open… to initialize the filter with a file? I just tested both in several scenarios, and I could not reproduce it. Can you provide steps, please?

Unfortunately, this might not be so easy to fix, but I will look into it.