Issue with duration for image sequence import

I need to import many PNG files (actually I can use any supported format)
There is 2865 PNG files with pattern “frm_%06d.png”, that “frm_000000.png” is the first and “frm_002863.png” is last.

Project Export is set to custom MP4 (H.264 1080p 29.97 fps)

After the first file is imported “Duration” is calculated to value “00:23:56;26” (from where?).
Then I turn on “Image sequence” checkbox and set “Repeat” to 15 frames per picture.
“Duration” is set to 00:01:35:16

Why “Duration” is not calculated correctly?

Also, if I set “Duration” manually in Properties, in playlist “Duration” is not set, stays old.

Also, when I rclick “Open as Clip”, properties reset to not “Image Sequence”

The settings in the Export panel are not your project settings; they are overrides for the project at the time of export. The project frame rate is controlled in Settings > Video Mode. If that is set to Automatic, then it uses the first clip you add to Playlist or Timeline (or the clip itself if not using those). If the first clip is an audio file or still image, then it defaults to 1080p 25 fps.

I do not know. For me, it gives “00:00:04:00”, which is the inbuilt default, but the default can be changed by clicking Set Default button next to Duration field. If you have used that button in the past, then it is saved as “imageDuration” in the Shotcut settings file/registry (depends on OS and Settings > App Data Directory).

For me it is working correctly. What is your project frame rate?

You need to update the playlist item. When you Open a playlist item in the Source player changes do not apply automatically. This is by design because maybe you want to use the same source clip as a playlist item to cut a different shot or filter in a different manner. Unfortunately, there is a bug with using the checkmark button to update the playlist item after changing an image (sequence) duration. Instead, you have to use the Replace action in the Playlist menu (menu button at end of playlist toolbar).

I tried again. No luck.

  1. I dropped my MP4 H264 1080p 29.97 fps file to Playlist.
  2. Set Video Mode to H264 1080p 29.97 fps
  3. I dropped my 1920x1080 PNG file frm_000000.png to Playlist. It shows Duration 00:10:00;00
  4. In Properties Duration shows 00:23:56;26 (probably from default)
  5. Clicked Image Sequence on. In Properties Duration changed to 00:01:35;16
  6. Set Repeat to 15 frames per image. Duration not changed. In Playlist Duration is 00:10:00;00
  7. In Properties entered 00:23:56;26 into Duration
  8. In Playlist clicked to Additional actions and Replace. In Playlist Duration changed to 00:01:35;15. In Properties Duration shows 00:23:56;26

When I place the image sequence track to Timeline it is short, spans to 00:01:35;16

OK, there are some bugs in this area that need fixing, particularly when using Repeat > 1.

Image sequence duration, using Repeat > 1, and updating the playlist item after changing properties has been fixed for next release.