Is this intended when adding a transition?

I don’t want to call it a bug yet.

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Turn off Toggle snapping if enabled.
  3. Open a video. An image doesn’t work well.
  4. Create three clips from the video.
  5. Put them in the Timeline. Let’s call them A, B, and C.
  6. Leave some empty space between those three clips.
  7. Click the left edge of C and move the cursor toward B.
  8. Move the cursor past the right edge of B and even left edge of B.
  9. Move the cursor back to where the left edge of C was in 7).
  10. B is expanded. A bunch of frames are added to both edges of B.

If I drag C to B and cover it up, Shotcut moves C to the original location. This is good. It’s not much of a transition if C covers the entirety of B.

Even if A and B are side by side, the same thing happens.

I reproduce the problem only when I do the above. Yes, it is a bug.

This is fixed for v18.09.

Can you check if this additional issue occurs in 18.08.14 and if it’s fixed in 18.09.**?

If the start of B is the same as the first frame of the source video, B is expanded so much to the point that B cover the entirety of the original video.

Yes, you can no longer try to make the transition as long as or longer than the B clip; it stops stretching.

That’s great! I’ll check it out when the next version comes out.

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