Is this greenscreen?

Can any body tell if this has been recorded with green screen?

Je ne pense pas, sur certains passages on voit la nature se refléter sur la guitare, aussi à travers les lunettes quand la tête est tournée.

I don’t think so, on some passages you can see the nature reflected on the guitar, also through the glasses when the head is turned.

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Very likely not green screen, it looks weird due to the lighting (from behind+to the side) and also the youtube compression creates a lot of artefacts on the hard edge around him.

Also as Namna points out, the leafs seen through his glasses would be extremely hard to edit in post, I mean sure, maybe a major movie studio could probably work weeks on doing everything right but looking at the channel popularity I think there’s 0 chances they’d spend so much time and money on it (compared to just recording it in a nearby forest).

No, it is not, see reflections in the guitar and and how the sun in the background light up the guitar player, when he turns.

It is surely not green screen, if you just see the first 20 secs, he is standing on the same place shown in the b-roll, so that might prove the other things. And as everyone is saying, it has reflections of the forest.

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