Is there anyway i can get a flow effects for gaming montages such as fortnite

so i edit montages and i really like having flow for my gaming montages such as fortnite and other fps games so is there any flow effects you guys can such i tried after effects which way too complicated, so if there’s any way you guys can add a flow effect that would be great!

to have flow on my montages (i also do fortnite montages my channel link is on my profile) i use brightness with keyframes so try to add the brightness filter and also try to work with some color grading there is no real flow effect, the flow just comes by itself if you have good filters and sychronise the video with the video :wink:

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hopefully they add a feature in the future to have a flow effect :sob: wait so i just watch one of ur montages so you only used brightness keyframes color grading and zoom in?

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how do you transition so quick each between clips?

yes and some transitions i just make a little transition like not even close to a second.
I got a video for you which explains how to use transitions:

ahh i see now thanks for helping! i subbed on ur yt channel!

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thanks :slight_smile: and no problem :smile: