Is there a way to reopen a previous version instead of the last saved verstion?

Im working on a project and have a shitload of hours in this project.
Almost finished with the project i changed the video settings from 720 50fps to 1080 25 fps, saved the project and closed the program down.
When i opened ShotCut the whole project was different.
I see a lot of white parts and all the videoclips are cut in a different way.

So my question, is there a way to go back to a previous saved version instead of hte last saved version?

The only way is if you saved a different version or have a file backup system.

Thx, thats what i thought:( rip project

While you’re working on a project, you can “Save As” to a new file name when you desire to, thus leaving several backup copies of your work. I do this a lot when making graphics. I could have 30 versions of the same graphic. And I do back at times and use earlier version for different changes.

Developing a backup system for your files is a great practice to get into.

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