Is there a way to chroma key 2 different colours at the same time?

I’m trying to edit some clips and add a background to them, however the background used in the clip had poor lighting and as a result, chroma key only worked on half of the screen. Is there a way to fix this?

I believe that you can only have 1 Chroma Key: Simple filter on a clip and only 1 Chroma Key: Advanced filter. If you have both then the last one you applied is the one used.

You can try changing the “Distance” parameter of the CK: Simple filter to include more colours similar to the one you chose. The CK: Advanced has far more control of the colours included, so I would experiment with that.

Is your greenscreen a video of a person talking with little movement? If so take a look at this post for a possible solution:

This may help

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Very recently I saw a mention of using a Key Spill filter after a Chroma Key filter to help clean up the results. I have not yet figured out exactly what a key spill filter does, but might be worth investigating … ?

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