Is there a "group" function?

Is there a group function in Shotcut that would allow me to select several clips and temporarily bind them so they would always stay in the same position relative to each other?

All other editors offer some form of group function.

Same here.

Are reffering to something like the track lock in shotcut, which locks all the clips on the particular track.

This feature is nice.
However Da vinci, filmora, powerdirector, openshot, all offer to group a set of clips on a timeline together. Many grouped clips can coexist on the same timeline.

It’s already on the roadmap. Shotcut - Road Map

Good to hear that you are planning to add this feature.

I really like the software. Yet I am still waiting to make a transition from Power Director.
There are many little kinks in each video editor. One operation in one editor can be automatic, yet take hours in another editor. Thus I have to pick one that offers the most convenience. I like your software yet there are still inconveniences that keep me from making the transition.

Thank you for developing this amazing product.

Im not the developer. All credit goes to, @shotcut @brian

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