Is Shotcut incompatible with how I like to work?

I want to be able to load a large source file and copy/paste pieces of it to the timeline to build up a new file. That feels most intuitive to me. Shotcut doesn’t seem to be designed this way, however. It seems that in Shotcut you have to put the large source file in the timeline and chop it up, discarding unwanted segments as you go. Or am I missing something?

Shotcut is exactly designed this way! Open the clip (or drop it from file manager), it appears in the Source player. Set in and out points. Then, add to the Timeline in one of numerous ways. Repeat for other in and out points and clips. Also, the design also lends itself to make quick previews of clips in the Source player before choosing to use the clip - handy for locating your clips of intersest. That is why it starts playing immediately and does not get added immediately to some so-called bin.


As you watch the video… use the space bar to stop.
Click I to mark the in point (start).
Click O to mark the out point (stop).

Click the + in the Playlist window to add each clip you selected with I & O

On the top tool bar, click Playlist.
There is also a tab at the bottom of the playlist window if you have other tabs open you can always go back to playlist whenever you want to.
The source file is actually 3 hours long, and it just took me a few minutes to grab these clips. I don’t normally edit this way.

You’re going to want to keep this page open to learn the keyboard shortcuts for quickly getting to the spots you want to edit.


I used SC for several hours the other night and never found any way to do that, so it isn’t very intuitive. Upon googling I see that I can use ‘i’ and ‘o’ to set in and out points, but are there no menu or toolbar options to do the same thing?

Cool, thanks!

Move the triangle sliders, but it will be tricky getting a 10 second clip with a large file.
The small selection is a 3 minute clip.
Then you hit the plus sign in the Playlist window to add the clip to the playlist.

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Better to grab around the desired clip without trying to be too precise (10 seconds out of 3 hours? don’t think that’s going to be easy very often). Edit it that clip down to the exact clip wanted.