Is "marker" functionality expected to be implemented during 2018?


I use Shotcut to teach “Cinema and Education” in a public school.
Shotcut is marvelous and fits all our needs, except for not being possible to add markers in the timeline.
I realized this feature in the roadmap a couple of years ago, but since it was not implemented yet, is it something to be expected during 2018?

Thanks a lot for making this marvelous software available!

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N°11 in the roadmap !

But you can keep hope. Dan announced a few months ago that at the end of this year, he will dedicate fully to Shotcut.
For most of users and Dan I think, Keyframe is top one and will require work…

I just wanted to make a request in regard to the markers / chapters topic in the roadmap. I often am merging two or more clips together that already have markers. So it would be great if the new feature maintained those marker designations and could automatically insert chapter markers where the two clips are joined. Thanks.

Yes, this is in the plan as I will have much more time to spend on Shotcut in 2018.


Just giving +1 here.

I guess markers concept may take some time to develop. Maybe working with the cursor marker is an easier place to start.

i.e Shift + Space, would play the clip without losing the cursor position.

Hi–noob here–but I am a looooong time user of Vegas Movie Studio. Thanks for making this program. I am currently using Shotcut to do simple editing (cutting out advertisements) to a lot of recorded HD files. It is sooo much easier than VMS.
I hope when the posters in this thread are mentioning Markers, we are talking about Chapter Markers, as in a DVD skipping from the current “Chapter” to the next one when, or previous one if back, Skip is pressed. Using the Timeline–I don’t care how we would use it, but imho–inserting it at the position of the Playhead (cursor) with a press of an Icon on the Timeline toobar or a right click menu item would be fine. I would also like to to slide forward or backward and delete it
I see it is moved up to #5–so here’s hoping.