Is it possible to move/pull video down outside viewable frame?


I have a question, is is possible to move/pull a video clip down?
I don’t mean in the timeline, but move the video footage down, so a part of it is outside
the viewable monitor view?

Let me explain:
I have shot footage in 4k (4096x2160)
I created a aspect ratio “mask for 1:2.39)” so I have black bars on top and bottom
(I will render this alpha mask later over my video)
I do this because I want to release my project in “letterboxed” Cinemascope (1:2.39)
I drew lines on my view on my camera, so that the footage is shot and centered/optimized for Cinemascope
aspect ratio.

But I found out that still I shot the scene a bit to close to the top, my footage has still data on the top
(what is now behind the mask)
and I want to "pull "the video down, so I will see more of the data from the top.

I would like to know of Shotcut has the functionality to do this…

I don’t know if I understand correctly because I don’t speak English.

You probably need to use a size, position and rotation filter. In your case, it’s best to add it to the path.

In the size field, enter the resolution of your input material 4096x2160. Now you will be able to reposition the image.

I suggest setting the resolution of the project probably 4096 × 1716. I don’t know what aspect ratio to enter for 2.39∶1 and whether in Shotcut it is possible to get letterbox, Cinemascope. If you manage to do this, you may not need a mask.

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