Is It Possible To Export Part (Selection) Of a Video Track from the Timeline?

I wanted to export part of my video, but to leave the whole video track on the Timeline, so I split the track, selected (clicked on) the part I wanted to export, and tried to export that.

However, the whole of the video on the Timeline was exported.

Is there any way of selecting and only exporting part of a video, while leaving the whole video on the Timeline, for further editing?

I would be grateful for any replies.


What you needed to do after selecting it, is to copy the clip then in the Export menu select “Source” in the “From” drop down menu.

There is also a second way to export part of your timeline and that is by using Markers. Read this to find out how and also how to use markers in general:

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You can use marker for that, place a marker then ctrl + click and drag for make a range and in the export tab choose the marker


Thanks, DRM.

Just to be clear, regarding the first method that you mention of exporting a clip, do you mean that after copying the clip (so that is in the computer memory), I should then just select the original source (i.e., the whole, ‘master’ clip I have been working on), or will Shotcut put the my new selection into the Source window?

Thanks very much, Kamigeek.

That is fantastic.

Many thanks.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

The latter.

In Shotcut, when you copy a clip it goes to the Source tab. In fact, anything loaded to the Source tab like double clicking on a clip in the playlist will be what’s pasted when you press V in the timeline.

So the “From” drop down menu in Export gives you different options as to what you want to export from. If you are on the timeline then the default option will be Timeline but there are other options like Source, Playlist and if you have range markers set then it will list those. That’s why you can export a split clip from your timeline as long as you copy it which will take it to the Source tab and then you have to pick the Source tab in the “From” drop down in the Export menu.

Does that clear it up?

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Thanks very much.

Yes, all clear now.

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