Is it me or is the Mask filter not working (18.08.01)?

Is it me or is the Mask filter not working (18.08.01)? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong…
Thanks, Jon

The Mask filter works for me in 18.08.01 when applied to a clip that is composited with a lower track. This behavior appears to be the same in 18.03. (I can recreate your results, however, I suspect that this is not the intended use of the filter.)

Mask is working as intended. It simply pokes a hole in the image, and the bottom video track does not composite with anything. This filter requires multiple tracks.

Ah, thanks John_solo and Dan. It’s working for me now. I understand how it works, requiring multiple tracks. I
just produced this with it - a nice bit of revealing text - “Red Priest”:

Shotcut I tried using the mask but it isn’t. Did it stopped working or something cause I can’t type on the functions

It is working, but you should post to #help-how-to with your question instead of replying to an old, resolved bug. And please use a better explanation than “type on the functions.”