Is it keyframing from from left to right channel - audio

I want to add sound which goes from left to right channel or reverse with key framing.
Is it possible now or in near future ?

Not sure this is exactly what you want…

With Shotcut Version 18.11.18

  • Detatch audio, copy audio track to a 2nd audio track. Copy then CRTL + V on A2.
  • Balance filter on both audio tracks.
  • Gain/Volume filter on both audio tracks. Keyframes on Gain/Volume.
  • shotcut_2018-12-16_11-45-58
  • shotcut_2018-12-16_11-46-11
  • shotcut_2018-12-16_11-46-26

With Shotcut Version 18.12.15 Beta : V18.12 BETA now available

  • Now there is Keyframes on both Filters: Balance & Pan
  • shotcut_2018-12-16_12-04-30
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