Is it a Bug or not bug

Following my last intervention on the forum, I would like to point out some phenomena that occur with my computer and the intensive use of Shotcut.
It seems to me that Shotcut mixes the functions and instructions given by the keyboard or the click of the mouse on the appropriate instruction, unless it’s my laptop that derails it’s an Asus 17 inch Rog Strix Ryzen 9/32 gb Rtx3090 ram bought new on 11/22/21 and W10.
Again yesterday I wanted to use the function open a file as a clip, a clip that Shotcut loads very well, plays it very well on the monitor screen but as soon as I place it on the timeline using the command paste V, Shotcut puts in its place an audio file already used on this montage.
I saved my work, restarted the computer, the same bug is reproduced
To avoid this incident, I ended up finding the solution by copy-pasting from the control screen to the timeline.
Another problem when I want to shorten a clip using the keyboard command Ctrl S and X, Shotcut erases the clip completely from the timeline, to fix it I have to use the timeline command (Split at Playhead and use the arrow to the mouse to erase the rest.
Do you have any idea about this, has anyone noticed these incidents which are repeated quite often on my machine after intensive use of Shocut.
Thank you for your opinions.

CTRL+S is a keyboard shortcut for Save
X is Remove
CTRL+X is Cut
S is Split at Playhead

From what you described, Shotcut has done exactly what you told it to do. Cut is essentially the same as Remove, except it removes the selected clip and then loads what you cut into the clipboard of your computer.

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Thank you for your answer, I made a mistake when I wrote Ctrl, I meant X,S. But I maintain that often after a certain time of intensive use that Shotcut where my computer does not execute this function correctly and that it completely erases the clip.

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