Invisible image

I’m editing an older video and decided to remove/delete an image and replace it with an updated one. Unfortunately, when I play the video back the old image still appears before the new one appears. This is happening in a dissolve crossover sequence. The “invisible image” does not show on the play list (I deleted it) … So where the hell is it?

It is inside the transition clip. You need to delete the transition and recreate it if you want it again. Whether it appears in playlist or not is meaningless. Playlist and Timeline are completely separate - there is not linkage, and Playlist is not required at all.

Thanks, Dan. After going through everything step-by-step I reached that same conclusion and had done exactly what you suggested before your reply arrived. Thanks for verifying I did the right thing!

As an aside (and I’ve been through this issue before, but have forgotten how to fix it) how do I get rid of the dark grey type that shows behind the white type I put into a video. I want the type to fade in & out but the “shadow” text still shows.

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