INVALID Why am I getting invalid on pictures?

I really need some help. This is all new to me, so I’m very steep in my learning curve. Here’s my problem. I created a video with pictures in it. When I uploaded to YouTube, Everything played perfectly until the PICTURE was suppose to appear, and I got INVALID in white letter across the screen as my video continued to play.

  1. I changed png to jpg
  2. I created new THUMBNAIL image in Canva with black background and saved at jpg
  3. Then I RESIZED this thumbnail to 1280x720 max size for YouTube, (before it was 2560 x 1440)
  4. I tried reinserting this in my track and got INVALID again???


Could you send the image? it might be corrupted or it might have the wrong file extension. The program you used to downscale the image might have messed up the image.

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