Invalid Text...Please Help me T-T

I was working on a birthday present for my dad when I accidentally moved some clips into a different folder without thinking…Now instead of the clip, it only shows a big INVALID… I can’t just restart since I already worked multiple weeks on this project and his birthday is pretty soon. Can anyone please give me some advice? Thank you!
(Sorry for my bad English by the way…)

Close Shotcut, restart Shotcut, reopen the project and follow the instructions on the missing files dialog box that appears.

For some reason, it only repaired only one of the clips… what can I do?:sweat_smile:

Maybe you are using an old version. Upload your project file, and I will see if I can do anything about it.

Sorry… I’m kinda stupid :sweat_smile: how exactly can I do that?:sweat_smile:
Also Im using 19.06.15


See version 19.07 release notes:

Fixed clips that become INVALID were saved as uneditable text clips.

So should I just Update the program and see how it goes?
Edit: I updated it but the clips are still Invalid…

No, the fix changes the way projects are saved.

Here is the process to fix an old project file, but it might be too advanced for you:

… I am starting to think that I should just simply redo those parts of the project… I really have no talent in those kinds of things… :sweat_smile::sob:

Thank you so much for your patience with my stupidity and I’m really sorry if I wasted any of your time.:sweat_smile: :pray:t2:

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