Invalid, cant see footage, just black invalid screen

Worked on something months ago and i know that i saved it all properly.
now when i try to open it shows this:

what do i do please help

Obviously, your media files have moved or removed. A Shotcut project may use many files, but it does not make copies of them or move them when you save. It saves a document (MLT XML) that refers (links) to your media files. You need to do what the top of the dialog says: double-click each row to locate the file in its new location. If the file is missing, you need to restore it from backup. If you do not have a backup, then you can try to re-download them. If you cannot re-download them, there is nothing else you can do. You can live and learn from your mistake in how you manage your files to avoid this problem the next time. I suggest that you create a folder for your project, move or copy all the files you will use into that folder, and save the Shotcut project as well into that folder.

I will double click on each row as you said and see if it works

How do i re-download them?

Shotcut did not download them; you did. Only you know how to re-download those files that were in your Downloads folder as displayed in your screen shot.

Oh you mean like that alright you are right. One last question. Do you think if i update shotcut (havnt done that since i got it 9 months ago) will upon a miracle? should i try it?

It appears you either deleted or moved your source files. The dialog box clearly shows the path where the files you used when you saved the MLT file. Shotcut can’t know where you moved the files to, only you know that.

Just pick a different location in the dialog box that comes up. Or put the source files back to where they were moved or deleted.

It’s clearly showing you the file location where they should be at.

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