Interesting 360 video on Youtube

This is not strictly Shotcut related but I came across this YT video shot in 360 (like the excellent videos done by this forum’s @Ewan360 ) and I thought some members would be interested in seeing it, even though it wasn’t made with Shotcut.
I felt it is a really effective use of the 360 degree video format. Scroll around by click-dragging the mouse or by using the control (top left).
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This is off-topic, but I will add my own 360° video partially made with Shotcut (to increase speed) to make it more on-topic:

You will notice that you cannot drag and look around, yet it was shot on my new GoPro MAX 360° video camera. This highlights another very compeloling use case for 360° video: (key-)framing the shot in the video editor. The 360 add-on plugins available in Shotcut can help produce this, but it is a little difficult with preview and performance. Rather, I used GoPro Player on macOS.

This is a very compelling use case, but even though the camera shoots 5.6K the output resolution for a normal-looking rectilinear field-of-view is still rather low (~1280x720) whether that is interactive or in post production. Future generation, higher resolution cameras will make it more compelling.

A full 360° workflow is planned for Shotcut in 2020. (More than the add-on plugins is needed.)

Phew, thanks Dan :smile:

Wow, cool :+1:

Here’s my contribution. I usually shoot with my 360 camera and flatten to a 2D video, then edit on Shotcut. (I got tons on my channel).


Spectacular, @bentacular !!:laughing:
Never been one of those either :joy:

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