Install from Microsoft store

I just bought Shotcut in my msft store and it shows that I own the app, but when clicking install it does nothing.
Please advice.
Kind regards

You bought it???:astonished:
SHOTCUT is totally free!
See the Download section here.

It said that if I bought it in MSFT Store it would be without ads.

There are no ads in Shotcut anyway.
Github Releases:

People, read the text on the Download page. There are ads on the downloads page, and there is no builtin updater. The concept is very simple: if you want to avoid the ads on the website and get automatic updates while continuing to support the project, you can buy it in store. If you do not, you support the project by seeing our ads every time you come to our download page, which might be every time you upgrade.

I do not know what you are clicking. The Microsoft Store installs automatically. If it is not working then seek Microsoft for help because we do not make or control the store. Look in your Windows Start menu to see if it is there. If not, open the Microsoft Store app, and go to … > Downloads and Updates. From the navigation bar on the left, you can check in Installed or Downloads.

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