Insert multiple jpg images at once on the axis

It is possible to insert multiple jpg images at once, for example 25 per axis. How to create timelapses in another simpler way. Thank you PMM

By axis do you mean 25 fps (frames per second)?

To import a series of images and transform them into a video clip:

  • Make sure all your images are properly named (ex: image01.jpg, image02.jpg, image03.jpg etc…)
  • From you image folder, drag the FIRST image of the sequence in the Source panel of Shotcut.
  • Go to the Properties panel
  • Check the Image Sequence box

Shotcut will import all the other images from the folder and create a video clip that you can export or drag into the Playlist or the Timeline.


Děkuji MB je neuvěřitelné jak některé věci na světě ještě fungují.Mohu se ještě obrátit s nějakým dotazem ohledně animace 3D modelů. Ještě jednou dík.

You’re welcome @pmmvideostudio

If you mean animating 3d models IN Shotcut, I’m afraid it’s not possible. You’ll need to use something like Blender to do that.

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