Insert a new bottom video track (V0)


what if you have e.g. 20, 30 video parts inside a video track and that track is direct above an audio track and you need a video track under the latest video track?
If you choose “Insert a track”, Shotcut will insert an audio track…!
You can select the video track above the audio track and let then Shotcut insert a track, which is then a video track, but you need it under that selected video track!
Please let us choose, if we want to insert a video, or an audio track.
A not so important thing (more important is the playback performance in the editor :slight_smile: ), but sometimes very useful (IMO)…
(Or I haven’t found that option yet…)

Best regards


+1, i’ve needed this many times.

+1 … I’ve only used shotcut for 2 days now and misses this feature already (or a reorder track feature).

This is already frequently request along with many other things. No need to keep re-requesting. I know.