Increase length of line (or bar) in animation

Newbie question.

Is it possible to create a line/bar/filled rectangle that is increased in length over time?
I’ve created a png with a filled rectangle on a transparent background and can control size of it using keyframes. However the width also increases and I don’t want that.

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Do you mean something similar to the following?
If so, you can use Mask: Simple Shape with keyframing the height. Since you use a transparent background, you will have to adjust the vertical or horizontal position of the mask as well.
I can give you detailed instructions if you need them.

Yes, it is similar effect I’m looking for.

The filter “Mask: Simple shape” does the job, thanks!

I would wish however, that it would be possible to change anchorpoint from center of simple shape to left mid point so that I wouldn’t have to change horizontal position as well as width (I keep height fixed).

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My pleasure.

I agree with your suggestion.
Another suggestion would be adding a rectangle control similar to the Size and Position filter. Just adjusting that would simplify the process as well.

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Hi @Michael_Jenner , If you use Open Other > Colour, and apply a size/position filter, then select “distort”, you can change the size of the colour bar to whatever you like. No anchor points.

Then keyframe as desired for an animation.

See this quick demo I just made. Blue colour on V1, pink colour on V2:

Cool, thanks!

No problem, glad mine and @samth’s answers helped.

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Comparing the two proposed solutions they both have pros and cons.

The filter mask solution:
pros: many can be added to the same track.
cons: anchor point is center of rectangle. No drag and drop position / sizing.

The other/color solution:
pros: easy to position by dragging handles, anchor point can be set.
cons: requires one track per rectangle.

I decided to set the solution to the first solution provided, although if possible I would like to nominate both as solutions .

Just a further point - you could use the grid to snap your rectangles to if you need consistency of width/height etc. Fair point about needing one track per rectangle.

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