Inconsistency in the new version (18.08.14) that leads to corrupt the projects

Glad to see several improvements and fixes in this new 18.08.14 version, but there are much to be done with the stability of the software. This version of the program crashes quite often.
I rearranged some clips from the video timeline, then added new tracks to use as temporary clipboards. After finishing the edit, I removed those tracks as usual. The next time I tried to load the MLT project, the program crashed. I tried my luck with no hope even in successive attempts to restore it to a desirable condition. Now I can’t even export the project to an editable video file. Please find the MLT project for your reference and analysis, in the attachment below. Stability of the software must also be taken into account along with the inclusion of new features. Shotcut is my first preference. I rarely use Adobe Premiere these days. Overall, I’m happy with Shotcut. It’s a marvel of engineering by the open source community through their unbounded enthusiasm towards FOSS, and a subject of interest of many enthusiastic users those who are also open source supporters, but it has to be more robust and sturdy to be complete. Hope to see the fixes in the next release.

TOLIC-02.mlt (34.4 KB)

log.txt (2.4 MB)

Is this supposed to be an AVI file?
Perhaps rename your files to 0000#.AVI

Not sure if this make any difference with Shotcut. Just a format I’m not familiar with is all.

I loaded up your mlt file. I expected there to be many “INVALID” messages because I don’t have your source files - but there were none, just a black preview screen:

So maybe your problem IS due to the the strange file-names as pointed out by Hudson555x above. MTS, MPEG and AVI are all video extensions - surely your file should just have one, depending on which file-type it is.

I fixed your project:
TOLIC-02.mlt (34.4 KB)

The problem in it provides some hint about the cause. I tried some combination of add/insert/remove tracks but have not found it yet. I am making some changes to prevent crash and introducing the problem for the next version.

Fixed in v18.09

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