In-point out-point keyboard issue

Using Shotcut 17.06.01 Windows 10 64 bit.

When the video is playing and I press the i key the in-point is nudged along while the video is playing. But when the o key is pressed the video stops playing.

I remember that the o key used to nudge the out-point along as the video was playing. This is per minute 7:30 of the Shotcut getting started tutorial.

Was this function removed or is it a bug?

The behavior changed for ‘o’ key when we added the behavior to stop playback when it reaches the out point. I noticed it too, and I might try to fix it, but the combination of the two goals are somewhat conflicting and may be difficult to get working together.

I liked the previous behavior of the ‘o’ key.
Perhaps a shift, alt, or ctrl modifier might work to restore the previous behavior of the ‘o’ key. That way the key can have a dual function.

You brought back the o key nudging the out-point along as the video is playing in V 17.08.01.


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