In orbit? Yes, with Shotcut!

made with Shotcut.

Thank’s to ESA - Copernicus - Sentinel Hub

Derby, Western Australia 2021-01-05
Etna volcano, Sicily (Italy) 2021-02-28
Long Island, USA 2021-01-07
Lake Musters and Lake Colhué Huapí, Argentina 2021-01-07
Yangtze River, Wuhan (China) 2021-02-18
Pivot Irrigation in Saudi Arabia 2021-03-19
Porto Torres - Stintino, Sardinia (Italy) 2021-01-26
Lake Kyoga, Uganda 2021-03-20
Soufrière St. Vincent vulcano - Barbados (Caribbean Sea) 2021-04-13
Lake Garda, Italy - snow on Alps 2021-01-08
Sakurajima volcano, Japan 2021-04-26

Ciao ciao,


It was nice, but it doesn’t seem enough relaxing to me, and you even mentioned it is relaxing in the description “1920x1080 Full HD Relax”.
Overall, The video was nice and the audio was good and also normalized Annotation 2021-05-05 120826

But the audio was not enough relaxing at least for me.

“1920x1080 Full HD Relax” is an “Artistic license” :wink: (“licenza poetica” in italian language)

Can this help you ? Not made with Shotcut, but also played by me and my friend (Mainframe74):

Grazie e ciao !


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Thanks, now I know it is an license.

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