Improper dissolve transition

I’m trying to make a soft transition from a picture (let’s say: pictA) to a second one (pictB). Going through the transition zone pictB is fading in, but pictA is fully visible up to end of transition zone, then rapidly disappeared. Both pictures are partly transparent to be displayed on the background, so pict b doesn’t hide pictA. How can I get effect of simultanous fade out of pictA and fade in of pictB?

Can’t tell you where you might be going wrong because you haven’t told us anything about the method you have used.

But if the drag-to-overlap method isn’t working for you, try putting picA and picB on separate tracks then overlap the fade-in and fade-out section of the images and make sure to check the option to Adjust opacity rather than fade to black.

PS: This is the general drag-to-overlap cross-fade method.

Hi! Thanks for reply!
I’ve made a simple project to illustrate my problem. Both sources and generated mp4 are saved on
At the very first run the transition looks as it should be, but every next time I can see like on the test.mp4.
Where is my foult?