Importing .jpg files gives default duration of 4 hours

I’m new to ShotCut. I’m using Win 7 x64 and Shotcut 64bit v17.09.04

I have been trying to import still images in .jpg format to SC. The import works, except that the default length of the imported still appears to be 4 hours, not 4 seconds that I would have expected. (It takes ages to import the file)

I have tried setting the length of the clip to say 6 seconds in the properties window for the jpg, and then clicking the ‘Set Default’ button, however when I import a new jpg file it is only the selected clip length that changes to 6 seconds. The source window still shows the clip total length as being 4 hours.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or something I’m doing wrong. I’ve attached a snip of the screen showing the relevant details.
Many thanks.

Properties window of the same image.

I find setting the default slide duration can be a little tricky. Try this video tutorial. He mentions that the first slide import may take awhile.


Hi, Thanks for your reply and link. I watched the video.

When he imports the first clip it defaults to 5 seconds total length. Mine shows as 4 hours!
He then changes the default length to 3 seconds and imports a new clip. If I do this, the new clip still shows total length of 4 hours, but it also has a selected length (an in and out) of 3 seconds. So the total length of the imported clip doesn’t seem to be affected by the default length I’ve chosen.

This feels like a bug to me. Like 4 hours has been put in an .ini/registry setting somewhere rather than 4 seconds.

Hi MrEyesOpen,
Yes, I get that too, and was just about to post a comment on it here. Also, the timecode begins counting up. I just made a short video (screen capture) to illustrate this. I imported a .png. The timecode stops when you hit space.
I too wondered if it was a bug? I’m actually using 17.08.01 (tried 17.09.04 but playback was choppy so I reverted back to 17.08).

Hi Jonray. Yes mine does that too, but as a newbie I didn’t know if that was normal or not. From your post I assume not.

It’s only shown as 4hrs in the ‘source’ preview, not the ‘project’ (timeline).
If you encode/export from the source only, you get a 4second single image video.

4 hours seems to me to mean the maximum potential single image duration, because you can mark In and Out time of any amount up to 4hrs and add that image’s selected duration to the timeline.

But I agree, 4h for a static shot is not really usefull.
Max time could be changed to 10 minutes and it’s waaaaay enough I think.

In any case, it is of no consequence because images added to the timeline default to 4 seconds, so this apparent anomaly can be safely ignored.

Just to say I agree with Keno40 and Steve’s last comments. Also I found out why my source timecode (which counted up) didn’t stop counting up - I had accidentally set a duration (in properties) for 1 frame! Now I’ve set it to 4 seconds (and set that as a default) the timecode counts up to 03:24 (1 frame below 4 seconds) and stops. I’m getting it now…

I found the same thing, but also it takes so long to import jpg files and playback always stutters when it gets to them. It made me wonder if that is related to the fact that it interprets all jpg files as being 4 hours long. Like maybe it’s having to process 4 hours of video and then trims it down to the one second I’m using and that’s what makes it stutter?

Stuttering is generally a result of an under powered PC.