Imported Audio has static?

I was trying to import a MP3 that I recorded in Audacity into my video in Shotcut. The Audio doesn’t have any problem when I play it in in Audacity and VLC, but I’m playing back the video, and the audio has irritating levels of static. Does anyone have nay advice or suggestions for getting the static out? Please and thank you!

Hi @Arzie

If you export your project and open the exported video in VLC, do you still hear those static noises?
Or is it just in Shotcut?

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It’s coming across without static in VLC. It seems to just be in Shotcut.

I get that sometimes too. Often it’s only a short tik at the start of a clip. I don’t know what is causing it. It doesn’t bother me too much though, since it won’t be there in the exported video.

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Awesome sauce. Thank you so much!

Maybe I should clarify what I said here

What I should say is: “since 99% of the time, the static won’t be there in the exported video.

I do remember one or two times when the unwanted noises where audible in the exported video.

So to be sure, it’s probably best to verify if those noises are really just present in Shotcut.
To do that you, no need to export the entire project. You can use markers to export only a small part of the timeline. I explain how to do this in that tutorial:

I would suggest that @Arzie export the project and test that they do not experience the problem on export. Can you report back if the problem is not in the export?


I did ask that question (see post #2)

And the answer was:

I see what you mean. I interpreted that response to mean that the source files do not cause static in VLC. So does that mean the exported file causes static in Shotcut? Maybe i am reading into it too much. I would love a confirmation from OP that the problem is resolved.

This is how I interpret it:

  • No static in the original file
  • Static present when previewed in Shotcut.
  • After export, the static heard in Shotcut is not present in the exported file.

But you’re right, it’s not 100% crystal clear :wink:
It could mean something else.

I’m sorry for not being clear. @MusicalBox hit the nail on the head with their interpretation. Everything worked out aces. Thanks all!!!

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