Import Subbed video


I have a short question regarding subbed video.
If I import a subbed video. Shortcut immediately delete the subtitles.

Is there a way to import video including the subtitles

Thank you


If the video has hard-coded subtitles, Shotcut will show the subtitles.
If the subtitles are soft-coded, the subtitles will not be shown.


thank you for the response. Is there away to get the subs back after importing in Shotcut?

If your video has hard-coded subtitles and you export a segment using Shotcut the subtitles will show.
If the subtitles are soft-coded and you export a segment they will not show.


You can get the subtitles back from the original file using ffmpeg. See:"read"%20and%2F,subtitles%20from%20embedded%20subtitle%20tracks.&text=You%20can%20extract%20or%20convert,convert%20to%20srt%20from%20dvb_teletext.&text=vbi%20teletext%20is%20a%20format,video%20frames%20of%20a%20broadcast.

There are other options e.g. see:

@Elusien, I wonder if this works with .ts and .mts files which are the most filmcodec from TV-Cards?

I don’t know I’m afraid - I’ve only scraped subtitles once and that was out of an MKV file.

Usually there are subtitles and Videotext Data in .ts and .mts files.

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