Images dragged to project loosing quality !?

hey there,

I just started using shotcut, and it feels really handy.
though the problem I have, when I add an image (png in this case, with the exact size
I want it in the video), it somehow looses quality. it doesnt look as sharp and clean as
it looks like viewing it in any gfxtool.

is there any quality settings Im missing !?

same goes for an image which has a massive resolution downsized to the video size.
it should at least stay in quality !?

Go to “Settings->Interpolation” and choose (better) or (best).

great !!
thank you !

Please be aware that Interpolation under Settings is for the Player category of settings. In other words, this is for previewing inside in the app. There is a separate Interpolation setting in Export that defaults to Bilinear (good). You can leave the player setting at the lower quality for a speed increase while editing and expect a much better quality at export time.