Image/Video overlay a few seconds delayed

When I’m adding an image overlay everything is fine and synced up in shotcut but when I export it the image/video overlay is a few seconds delayed on where it was supposed to appear. Any help? I’ll link the two videos on where this happened. Also this seems to happen on videos that are too long or complex, maybe its my computer or recording settings but this is a real issue I’ve been having

EDIT: Alright after looking through the forums it seems the problem im having is that im not setting the frame rate at which the video was recorded on to the correct one when im exporting it. I’ll test it out on one of my videos and I’ll report back. at 3:49 and 11:12, you can see the pictures not being in sync to what Me and My friends are saying with being delayed by 1 or 2 seconds at 5:38 and 34:22 with the second one exaggerating the fact that I was so startled i started sounding like a pig, so I added those 2 images of a pig but they are a few seconds off to where they’re supposed to show up.