Image Size Changed Accidently

While editing a video the image size suddenly changed for all the content, not sure why or how this happened… Typically I run a video track and then insert a PowerPoint in another window and format the size and position. However my main image suddenly became that size and the PowerPoint was reduced even further. I would appreciate some help with this. Current version 20.04.12

You applied the Filter: Size & Position to your Master track.
This resized your entire project.
Just delete the filter on Master.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve been searching for the filter on the master track and there don’t appear to be any… Any further thoughts? Help would be much appreciated, big project and I don’t want to do it over,

It shows it right there in your screenshot.

That filter is for the top track, I’m using two tracks.

Not seeing it there,

The top of the Filters panel says what the filters are applied to, and your first screenshot shows “Master.” Master means everything. It does not matter what you think it is or what you want it to be. It is what it is.

So, thanks for that… How would I go about changing it, not sure how to undo that? Your help would be very much appreciated

Got It!!! Silly mistake, Thanks for your prompt help! Really saved my day!

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