Image size and project size

When an image(picture) is added to the timeline, the image size is the same as the project size.
This feature is a good thing for added videos.

In my opinion
If the image is larger than the project size, it must be as large as the project size.
If the image is smaller than the project size, it must be the original size.

Is there a setting for the image I added to be the original size? (Without filter)

I think your opinion is good sometimes, but it assumes some things (popular use cases) just as today’s behavior assumes some things. At least today, the behavior is consistent regardless of resolution, which is also something of value.

Add the Size and Position video filter and change Size mode to Fit. This makes the image fit within the rectangle by downscaling only if needed. So, if image is larger than project resolution, and you want this behavior, increase Size in this filter as well.

I had thought about this as well, but then realize the action of even taking a 64x64 image and making the image fit the project’s Video Mode is the right call. Either way, the image is not the correct dimensions thus a Size & Position filter will have to be applied anyway.

If there was a way to import the smaller image sizes they way you want, where should they default to? Center, Bottom, Top, Left, Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, etc? So no matter where that default would position would be, you still would have to use the Size & Position filter.

If you don’t want to use a filter, use a graphic software to place the image exactly where you want in a transparent PNG sized to the Video Mode you want to use.

Here is an example. (I added the text and green corner markers so you can see the whole image)

I thought it would be faster if the original size image could be added without using filters.
Image location could be where we drag and drop with the mouse.

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