Image sequence low res results, is blurry

The PNG encoding seems to be losing a lot of quality for my version of shotcut, 21.10.31 Is it best to use a different image sequencer for the moment?
On the left is the PNG 4k source and on the right is a highest quality video I have succeeded to get, please give some suggestions!
image quality shotcut image sequence

Hi @monstercolorfun_co

You don’t give much information.
What is the size of your project?
What is the size of the source PNG image?

If you import a small image into a bigger project (for example a 200 x 500 image in a 1920 x 1080 project), the image will be resized by Shotcut to fit the project. As a result, the image could look blurry or pixelated.

Do you see this blurriness in Shotcut as well? Or only after exporting the image sequence?

This is due to YUV and sub-sampled chroma, which is standard in video. You need to ensure you are exporting with RGB and telling the engine to process in RGB. Most export presets are not this but the alpha/Quicktime Animation and alpha/Ut Video presets are. This comes up a couple of times a year and can find other posts here by searching on RGB and sub-sampled chroma.

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Thanks, it was due to settings/video mode
Shotcut has so many awesome options I often pass them.

Most likely your Settings > Video Mode does not match the source.

It’s for YT

YouTube only delivers sub-sampled YUV.

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