Image default duration not respected or no setting

Linux 5.0.0-17-generic #18-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 4 15:34:08 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I normally have image duration set for 1 second. in this case, i use this as a measurement tool, inserting a transparent .png in my timeline for a 1 second measurement.

When working on my projects today, i noticed the image was 2 seconds, which caused me to re-work my timeline. i keep setting the 1 second clip as the default duration but it is not saving or not being respected.

The properties tab cannot be used to set or change the duration of an image that’s already on the timeline. Use the trim handles to change the duration.

The way to change and set default image duration is covered here.

as you can see in the video, i clicked “set default” several time, it did NOT save.
i reverted to the prior AppImage for the time being.

EDIT: But, that being said, on another machine, it DID save. I’m thinking of purging my ~/.config/Meltytech/ and ~/.local/share/Meltytech/ in hopes of repair.

I did look at the video. You keep trying to set the duration of a clip on the timeline using the properties tab. That cannot be done.
You can change the duration of a clip open in the source viewer using the properties tab.

It doesn’t matter how many files you purge. You cannot use the properties tab to change the duration of a clip on the timeline.

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I have not been able to reproduce a problem. If you getting the image from Playlist as you do in the middle of your video, it is going to have whatever duration it has in the playlist, which is a little truncated in your video, but I can see it is at least 2 seconds in the Duration column. Default image duration only affects newly Opened images and not existing images in the project. Never once did I see the player switch to the Source tab indicating a new image was opened. I just did some more testing around this, and I do not see a problem.

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Okay guys, i will change my method/workflow… Something changed for me and it worked differently than it had historically. i will change the default (via source clip) then load the clips into playlist AFTERWARD. Sorry for the confusion.

let’s assume i;m having problems setting the default. what config file can i modify and what is the 1-seconds value? Thank you!

I do not think you are having trouble setting it. You are having trouble reading it and your expectation around when that is read. Playlist is not a filesystem folder view; it is more like a project inside Shotcut. Playlist holds all information about a file that you modify in Source including trim points, property changes, and filters. Thus, if the duration is 2 seconds when you add it to Playlist, it stays that way until you change it (that particular image, not the default). If you drag and drop a file into Playlist, then it bypasses the Source step and applies the default. The easiest way to verify the new default is simply start Shotcut, open an image, and look at Properties.
imageDuration, in seconds

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