If my project started with really low FPS, does it matter?

I started a project, my first insert was actually a 100+ fps clip but as I started editing I saw that everything looks very choppy and off-putting.

I thought it was just shotcut lag or something like that as I have more programs open, but then I looked at the video settings for the project and it said it was indeed a “25fps” profile.

Does this matter? If I increase to a 1080p 60fps profile will it fix the project, or does it stay locked when you start the project? I increased it to 1080 60fps but the source clips still don’t look as smooth as they do in media player.

Thanks a lot!

If the source clip is 100+ fps, then frames are being removed to reduce it to 60fps or 25fps. The frames are removed at an uneven cadence because 25/60 doesn’t evenly divide into 100. This uneven cadence as well as missing motion blur will cause the video to look like it’s stuttering.


  • If the 100+fps video is to be played in real-time (not sped up or slowed down), then the project frame rate needs to match the source perfectly for smoothest motion.

  • If the 100+fps video is being slowed down or sped up, the project frame rate can be pretty much anything.

It is possible to change Settings > Video Mode after a project is started. However, when changing the frame rate, double-check the project to ensure gaps didn’t get created between transitions due to rounding/truncation errors in the frame rate conversion. And as mentioned, changing Video Mode to 60fps is still not enough FPS to make a 100+ source look as smooth as expected. Literally half the movement and motion blur will go missing when frames are dropped. If this 100+ refers to 144Hz from a video game capture, then there is probably no motion blur at all in the first place, which would make the situation even worse.

It’s not constant 100fps, it’s around 80-120

Question is if the video mode change works or if I have to start a new project or something like that to fix it :slight_smile:

Would you suggest I do a custom profile with 100fps?

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If it works, then you’re good to go.

Is it VFR (variable frame rate)?

I have had a lot of trouble with VFR videos, trouble which went away when I change my workflow to include a first step of “Convert to Edit Friendly”.

One thing that can happen on VFR is when editing with a lot of splits and moves, the audio gets out of sync with the images.

If you are having trouble, I would recommend experimenting with an initial conversion to CFR at a multiple of what you have - 240fps or higher - something you can convert down from with a simple multiplier for final export.
I suspect going from, say 85fps to 100fps, in one step is going to produce jitter.

My son is making a MineCraft video clip for me, as raw material for a tutorial on using Gimp instead of Photoshop to do the greenscreen door trick.
I think I will be learning just how high FPS can go on Shotcut, as I multiply up and divide down to match the frame rate with my Panasonic 3-CCD.

If it’s variable frame rate, it needs to be converted to constant ASAP. That’s a huge swing even for VFR.

Shouldn’t have to. Change the frame rate on the current project and spot check the transitions for gaps (blank/black frames). Make a backup of the .mlt file first.

Whatever the VFR source is converted to, yes. If 120 is the highest rate, then the conversion and the project frame rate both probably need to be 120 to avoid dropped frames.

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