If i import a video the sound disappears. Help!

Alright i need some help.
I already posted once about this, but is was bad typed out. (english is my second language so there are probely a lot of bad grammer)
I am on Windows version: 21.05.0

This problem is on all version it doesn’t matter wich verion it on. (I tried a lot of versions)
Also it doen’t matter wich file i import.

Alright here’s the problem:
If i put a video in the program the but the sounds just isn’t ther.
I reinstald the program 2 times it does nothing, older version also does’nt work.
I made sure there are zero filters on.

Thanks for reading!
If you know a sulition let me know.

Post a full screenshot of your Shotcut window showing the 3 items highlighted by yellow arraows below:

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Yes its fixed i copied youre properties into mines and i have soun again,

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