I would like feedback on this video I made in Shotcut

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Intro is nice.
The rest - not sure what to say.
It wouldn’t be a years review for me - unless you played a lot of computer games all the day…?
Its quite unpersonal imho. I would like to see family and friends - but due to covid…
is that the message?

Many of the portrait videos could’ve been rotated to fully fit the screen since it looks like it was captured in landscape anyway. It just created many sideways portrait clips.

Yeah, I don’t know why IOS does that when making memory videos.

One of the photos is of me and my pals enjoying a hot-air balloon ride over my city, did you see that?

honestly not - didn’t go all through it. The beginning was quite weird imho.
You mixed a lot of different scenery together and i didn’t get the clue…

Hi @MK8_Master

Maybe you should have taken a couple of minutes to include a short description in your post. Why you made the video and what is your targeted audience. And what aspects of the video you want feedback on.

I personally didn’t watch more than 30 seconds. Hated the music and I’m not particularly attracted by videos related to gaming. I’m clearly not the ideal audience for your video :slight_smile: