I see picture borders when moving picture

My picture is OK while being still, but when I move it with filter “Size, Position & Rotate” I can see black picture borders appearing and dissapering as the picture moves. I guess this could be due to black background, but I do have a #FFFFFFFF white video color as first track. When all my tracks end, including the #FFFFFFFF video track, then the background color is indeed black. Can it be changed to white? When I start a new project, the background color is always black.
No borders:


Avez-vous bien réglé la couleur de fond du filtre SPR sur ‘Blanc’?

Have you set the background color of the SPR filter to ‘White’?

Changing the background color to white did not work.
But I solved my problem by adding some extra white space in paint.
So, this picture:
I changed to this with more space:

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