I made a viral video

So… i made this video with shotcut… (as well as my other videos) but this one went VIRAL


congratulations :congratulations: 135k views in 4 days!

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It would seem that Shorts can make a huge impact on some channels. Well done!

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@Robot831 I was wondering about the success of your video? When I look at your videos, I see the following three vids:

Here is the curious thing, when I hover my mouse over “When Dream does…” Nothing happens. However, when I hover my mouse over the other two to the right of that, I get a brief play/preview of the thumbnail. So does that mean there is something technically wrong with the second two, as they have done nowhere near as well as the first one? Did you edit the latest video differently in Shotcut?

Here is the link to the videos mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/c/Robot831/videos

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I think the first one is just shorter thats why lol :slight_smile:


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