I Keep Getting A "Microsoft Visual C ++" Error Message

Hello there. :grinning:

I was using the installed version of Shotcut on my computer that runs on Windows 7 and it was working just fine until just a couple of days ago as now I have gotten into a really annoying problem. I can’t use the program at all! I was editing a video when suddenly the screen in the Shotcut player turned green and I couldn’t see the video anymore. I closed the program and when I tried to open the saved project I got a Microsoft Visual C ++ message saying:

“This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

So then I installed the new version and still got the same message. I shut down the computer and tried again but I still got the same message when I tried to open my saved project. So I uninstalled Shotcut and when I tried to install it again it wouldn’t install as I got an error message saying that that some components wouldn’t install or had trouble installing (I forgot the message exactly that came up). I checked the files in Program Files and saw that a Shotcut folder was still there despite me uninstalling the program earlier. I then manually deleted it. I then tried to download the portable version but I still get the same Microsoft Visual C ++ error message as before. I should add that besides my saved project, Shotcut simply won’t load any video I try to load anymore at all as I keep getting the same Microsoft Visual C ++ error message even with the portable version. I have no idea what is going on!

Please help!

If you are using the text filter in your project, turn off GPU processing. If you want to see if your project is not corrupted, which it may or may not be, load the program by default and turn off GPU processing there. If your project is still integrous it will be able to load again. Your project may refuse to load without GPU processing as well, and in that case that’s scrapped too. I’m sorry. It is a known error and GPU processing is still in very early stages of usability, which is why it is experimental.

Edit: more info here

Sorry, but we do not know what is wrong either. The developers and support staff never have this problem. It used to work for you and then something changed: on your system - or not - who knows? Oh well, guess you’ll have to use something else and maybe give Shotcut a try again some months from now.