I have worked on a video all day and when I exported it, It turned black. Help!

Help!! I exported a video and realized I made a mistake. I went back and fixed it by adding a few text bubbles and adding an audio click in a audio track. Everything seem to be running smooth. I added some mutes and then re-watched the video. Once again, it seemed fine. I exported the video for a second time and then uploaded it to YouTube. I got sort of suspicious when all the thumbnail choices were black. Then, when the video finally uploaded, it was black. I couldn’t see or hear anything except for the music I had just put in after the first export. Then, I took the video down and re-opened shotcut. When I went through the video there, I could see nothing but the text bubbles and hear nothing but the music I put in after the first export. I’m not sure why it turned black and I work several hours on the video. Me and my friends I made the video with were very exited for the video because we thought it was really funny. But now that all you can see is black, I’m really sad that I’ve spent my entire Saturday working on a worthless video. If you could help me, that would be very amazing! Thanks!

(P.S. I have edited many other videos using this software and nothing like this has happened before. I don’t think I changed any of my export settings so I thought that might help.)

Can’t help with the answer I’m afraid, but there was a thread on this a while ago which just may be of help. Just a thought…

Attach your .mlt file to a reply, and someone might take a look at it and see something wrong.

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