I have a green space at the right end of a clip that I’d like to delete

I have a green space at the right end of a clip that I’d like to delete. .

If i right click on it, i get a drop down menu but delete is not an option.

How do you delete it.

Add a screenshot

here we go

funny thing. On this version I can right click the green area and the remove option appears. On a prior version I got no remove option after right click.

I see other users have reported the same problem…

Zoom in all of the way to see the sliver of video that you can’t delete.
Then you’ll be able to click on it, and delete it.

I found the problem.
My audio clip was longer than the video so that caused the non removable green space.

Now a new question. Somehow I’ve got Master in Red at the lower left.
I know that means text etc is added to all frames.

How to I get to the other mode and just edit one at a time?

Your question is vague and confusing, but it sounds like you have a filter attached to either a track (see track head) or the Master track. Look for a funnel icon in the left column of the timeline. Then, click the funnel icon and remove the filter in the Filters panel.

Filters get attached to whatever is selected in Shotcut. That is a fundamental concept in Shotcut that is reinforced by showing a red outline around whatever is selected and text at the top of the Filters panel.

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