I had an epiphany

i was editing an outro video today and found myself wishing that there was a filter that would take a clip and run it 180 degrees in relation to the source video…in the same way a mirror function in a drawing program would work…but actually taking a clip and running a reverse image of it…it could be done at 1:1 and we already have the properties tab to control the speed of a clip, or run it in reverse if desired…it was just a thought…
thank you for your time.

That’s not a very good subject title. Please use descriptions of content of the subject.

Can’t this already be done using the resize filter and entering negative values?

how could it not be a very good subject title…it was a suggestion i had shared shortly after having an epiphany while using Shotcut. should i have called it, “wishful thinking”?

You mean like using the ‘Mirror’ filter on a copied section of the clip??


hey look, i got my wish…thanks, i hadn’t seen that

actually, after checking the feature out, i really didn’t get my wish. either that or i wasn’t using it right…i should have been a little more descriptive…splitting the screen in half and mirroring the image in both screen halves…much like the way they did in the movie, “song remains the same”, in the segment where jimmy page was soloing. true, they used an ACTUAL MIRROR for that…but that was the 70’s and that is another story. that’s the sort of feature i was thinking of.

Yes well you have modified your wish haven’t you.
But I see no reason why you can’t do this.
It just requires a little thinking outside the box :wink:

Is this your wish?

actually yes…that’s exactly what i’m looking for…very nicely done…howdidyoudothat?

not really modifying it…it’s more like failing to explain it properly the first time around

It’s quite simple.

I made two video tracks. Added the same video clip to both tracks.

Applied a mirror filter to V2.

Then I added a size and position filter to V2 using the top right preset. Set it up as per screenshot.

Applied a size and position filter to V1 using the top left preset.

These numbers are good for a video at 1280X720 resolution. They need to be adjusted for higher or lower resolution videos.

Also it’s best to apply the mirror filter before the size and position filter.

absolutely brilliant…fortunately everything i’m doing is at 1920x1080 so the math is fairly easy…can’t wait to try it out…thank you very much…imagine doing this hexagonaly for a kaleidoscopic effect…now that would rock. i’ve only just started using the mult-track, (both audio and video combined), capabilities of the program with great success, but i hadn’t imagined anything like this…'course i’m still a new user, but this has opened up worlds of possibilities…thank you again.

You’re welcome. :+1: :slight_smile: