I cant open shotcut

Whenever I try to open shotcut it comes up with an error message saying that some of the files were not found and reinstalling it might fix it yet even if I reinstall it it will pop up with the same thing I am on windows with 32bit. is there any way to fix this?

Do you have this latest version? 32-Bit version?
It could either be from FossHub or GitHub ( I just prefer GitHub )

I have the latest 32 bit and unless something lets me through after trying to download it like 4 times it lets me through, every time I try to open it pops up with 6 error msgs that say that it could not find varying files.

Need more information.
Going to have to upload screenshots of the error screens you are getting.
Computer specifications?




Sorry for the multiple replies, you can only upload 1 image per reply.

That is strange. I just tested the version 19.12.31 installer, and it works for me. If you look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Shotcut (or wherever else you installed it) using Explorer do you see these missing files?
From where did you get the shotcut installer download?

I do see the files that they say are missing and I googled shotcut and that brought me to shotcut.org then I pressed download and it brought me to the download page where I used the github 32 bit installer to download it and then had to extract all the files which I did and then I still couldn’t open it.

OK, sorry but Shotcut does not work on your system for some reason. You might have some security software or malware installed that is interfering, but I do not know.

ok thank you for your time.

One last thing to try: in C:\Program Files (x86)\Shotcut delete shotcut.exe.local and try again.

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